Freewill Written in Verse #Wordsmatter #Quote

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Freewill in Poems

Our poems were mirrors
To inner states of freedom
They celebrated solitude
A loving solitude that extends

To nature and all unity and uniformity
Our sweetest songs told
The most shared thoughts
It was bliss to share the pain

A poet is a nightingale
Who sits in darkness to sing cheer
Like crickets, dawn, the spring
As if it’s expected

To wait for inner light
Gloom has a way of breaking free
Sadness hopes to realize its infinity
Change is certain, love is decreed

If you have drunk deep joy
It stays with you for a lifetime
Soul meets soul in your memory
Lovers’ lips tonight, gone tomorrow

Our poems were mirrors
Of our study in ignorance
To lift the veil from the
Hidden beauty of the world

Everything became a familiar sign
Of nature’s design and genius
And even familiar acts
Because beautiful through love

Experience was a revenge of naked idols
Coming to life, the soul’s joy
Lies in doing, our spirit commanded
And we obeyed, that is why it is said

Love is free, and our poems
Were the record of the best
And happiest moments of our lives.

Before the azure sister of spring


Before the azure sister of spring

I met a traveller from an antique land
With golden lips and stories of the future
He spoken of love outlasting weary fate

The lone and level destiny we all must face
I would have sung his song
Had I known the lyrics of dreams

These echoes and lights unto eternity
And seasons that pass with a blink
Of tears and farewells, and all

That is beautiful will come yet again
In another body and mind, to be sure
We are all nomads travelling

From one place to another
And we know where we go
Even if we feign ignorance

The rivers have always mingled
With the oceans and everything
Has always been single, by laws divine

And the Earth never could kiss
High heaven, and the birds never stooped
To eat long there, but preferred

To stray among the clasps of sunlight
What is this sweet embrace of youth?
Is it the cry of life or the nudge of death?