What Molly Said

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What Molly Said

Ye Molly, bring all your dreams you dreamer
We have more in store for dawns
And voices so dear they feel too young

In our heart’s melodies rapture and ecstasy
I know not wisdom of the palace
But I’ve met beggars, with em hearts of gold
So tell me where does the cotton blow?
And how far does the sea reach for shores?

That I could wrap the wonder of the world
In the songs we sang, those acts that were
Our parodies of private philosophical blue

Write hard and clear about what hurts
Illuminate the way, for roads diverge
For the beauty of these differences
For the burning of horizon-Junes
That stretch like cinnamon stained memories

Of who we used to be, Molly, we’re dreamers still
Aren’t we? Let’s keep our faces
Always toward sunshine, for them children are watching
Our hearts are wolves that roam wild at times
The trouble with our kind is, we think we have time.