By the Mouth of Divinity



It’s as if infinity sleeps in your eyes
But when you look at me, I am made complete
the poetry of everything that is alive
I feel in you, like a moving work of light

You are the agile grace of air
And the calm of ocean’s deep
You are a yellow monument of the East
And a slight feather of all care

You are the familiar clay and melody
Of Mandarin, the whisper of Korean
And I ache to know the temples of Taiwan

Where on mountains I meet my purpose
And if I can ever understand, the rite of love
I want it to seize me like a paradise
Where harmony is the goal and dawn

Is the vistas of all I know to be true
The embellishing thirst of forests and lives
That were not meant to be alone but shared
A release of primitive genes from deep

In the Earth’s mystery of the vault of time
Where our ancestors felt the flowers and the blood.

Water Star


Water Star

I fit into you
Like laughter to the point of tears
Like a sun bleached to perfection

That is how I will remember
Our life together
Sun bleached winters
Full of transparency

Waiting for spring
Trying to learn Mandarin
You trying to learn English
I fit into you

Like dreams hot with
New changes, redemption, second chances
And I’m full of gratitude

For the small wonders dear
For the quiet sense of belonging
I never truly had before.