Monument of our Entry into Summer


Our summer Monument had no form
It was our love at the end of July
Not four-sided or stiff, but with soul
For the two-thirds against the sky

Our summer Monument held our lives
It was our hope, at August’s narrow start
The view is geared, the care is destined
To come home to a beloved ornament

Over the edge of boxes, like change
Dances the perspective of another gain
Now can you see the monument?
Transparent but with long petals of tenderness?

I’m sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you
I cannot live without the topmost trust
That makes all sacrifice seem the most natural thing.

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Fragment: Human Love


Aye, Music, thou art the food of love
As is divine speech, as is the eye’s regard
Love feeds then upon the beauty
Of the secret sweet self of the other
Till all becomes music once again
And silence in love, another fragment of hearing
For giving’s glow is a virtue unto itself
Aye, it’s all a part of the warm return
That thine heart follows pure thoughts
To return to our Dear home at last
As if with all earliest hopes and joys
And all the treasures that memory can make
Lovely recompense for bitter former tears
A fragment of music, a shelf of home comfort
Aye, human love is but a portion of the Great Spirit
That nurtures our humanity of unimagined caves
Giving a voice to the mysterious waves
Sound, heart, touch, moments freed in harmony.

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To the Beauty in Everything


We are wild as the storm
Our fates were restless as the Spring
Until we met, we found
Mountain songs in everything

Generous like nature
We are free as the sky
Our fates were wide open meadows
Until we met, we found

Flying birds with outstretched wings
Bubbling laughter in ancient Mandarin
My life became an open Lotus
Murmuring about the tide
In everything, it must have been your secret

Vision spirit-tiger, your hidden grace
That lifted my life to warbling singing roaring
It was to be my drunk summer throng
Of wishes, of seven lifetime fates Beloved

We are wild as the storm
Our fates were the harmony of the Beyond
Until we met, jilted by fate
We renewed our vows to
The beauty in everything. Photography Courtesy:

There Are Accomplished Facts of Living in the Present

(One of them is Love)

All day long in spring and song
We lived in eternity’s day
All day long in dew and wind
We lived in summer’s hour of infinity
Against Paradise we stood
Hand in hand, heart to heart
For waves and love and festivity
We lived in eternity’s presence
All day long in joy and mimicry
We called it the Beloved present

It was an accomplished fact
That we decided to Fall in Love

A first outburst of the new dawn
Our very own special New World
All day long we talked and made love
We lived in eternity’s day
All day long in sunlit drapes and fugitive steps
We traced Taiwanese wilderness
In Montreal streets, circling the planet
Against Paradise we touched and ate
Hand in hand, heart to heart
All day long in summer’s hour of infinity

It was an accomplished fact
That we decided to Fall in Love.

God Sped Summer

God sped are Summer’s heights
As if the Eternal crown of days
These days are winding down
Like youth’s prologue, happy & sweet

Tangled with cherries, fishwife kisses
Tackled with clouds, of opaque innocence
Shells of the life that speak to the Seven Seas
These are times when the night catches
The peace of strangers, to be merry
No matter the sacrifices we bear
God sped are Summer’s sighs
That linger yearning, passionate

In the nets of sunsets, wood’s dancing hooves
The dusks burn bright with the bluest
Fountainheads of dreams, the flood begins
The flickering beauty of our star-lit days

God sped are the singsong owls
Of moonbeam talks, reverent looks
Sacred delays in time, the cooing hand
The praise of joys ready to begin

The waters cluck and cling, to Summer
Drinking to the ancients, across
The shoal of the greatest of comforts
These are the last loves we treasured.

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A Heart to Add Wholeness


Oh, there are eyes that can rejoice
And a heart to add to wholeness
That laughs as a lover only can
These bare breast that do pound
This skin that does cry
Oh, there are lips that rest here
How will hungry Time
Put by sunshine then?
Hour after hour uplifted so?
Oh I would live in you and me
Build myself lightly on a dream
And would my thoughts wrap
Your feelings bright, till we are
Lost in swimming stars
So should I lose myself
To love you my dear?

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Did You Always Keep

Did you always keep
Your love in the present?
How much you never lessened it
Fresh-hearted we were young

Our fate was to know
The love we kept like flying leaves
In the winds of destiny
Red with Autumn’s princess moments

Green with Spring’s princely body-contact
Did you always keep
Your love in the present?
Seldom did we miss the truth
I know all your secrets, my dear, my dear.

True Nature of Spring


I have sung the songs of first birds
Of morning’s wish of the flying away
And clapped my hands for the sun
In the loving gold grace of your eyes
The fault must be mine to
Not know the silence

That comes before the dawn
The minor birds of dream
Have fled my grasp, slippery doves
The humming bird seen once in a lifetime
I have sung the songs of peacocks
To the uncertain harvests of Mandarin

The orchard white, the orchids of Taiwan
All the spring stored of so many years
Of youth’s last wish for love
Those joys usually reserved for God
All this celebration that is the springing of the year
To jump in prayers more subtle than pleasure.

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Ode to Athena

HARK! Hark! the may buds have bloomed
For June’s sweetness two by two
To steer the spring to Summer’s moons
To ope the eyes with golden new care
Hark! Hark! my lady sweet arises
With tiger bites so cherished and glowing
As roses with their sharp cuddling spines
O’ thorns of the night, maiden pink and dear
Hark! Hark! She is my harbinger of Mandarin
All dear Nature’s children she teaches
Art and laughter and good manners
In the sweet melodious air, she is the flower
Of my little life, the petals of my last belonging
Hark! Hark! For love’s sovereign innocence
That can change a life with bells dearly dim
And weddings of culture with a fragrance of spring.