Silence has stripped me bare
An influenza of silver nothing
Stretched like a skin

Over meaning, Bud of transparency
Music clouds the inner listening
Philosophy, a simple play on duality

Silence, is my legitimate voice
Nearly impossible to put
Into words, the feeling of transcendence

Absence of self, how do I exist?
After questions, I will not
Let answers influence me

I become pure neutrality
I would love to cease to hear
My own thoughts, then I might

Finally clarify us together
In a stare, as wide as our unity
Where poetry could say
As much as the quiet night.

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Silence has no plan, it is attentively
Not rigorously executed
It is the presence between history
And the future, the listening
Without any formal absence
Only, the part of not giving in
To the impulse of the moment
Silence can bridge offensive acts
Time the breaker of bad-will
Silence is neutral, transparent, unrelenting
In her execution of healing
Her willingness to give up
The inadequacy of words, analysis, division
We all begin and end in silence.