The Quality of Love as the Mercy of a Season

O mistress mine, these are the years
Of staying and hearing, loving & teaching
I can feel you both high and low
The journey’s end of love-in-meeting
A present’s laughter for my ever-after
What’s to come is still as of yet, unsure

But certain is the sweet and forty
Of our romance, come here and kiss me
Youth’s a stuff that still endures
That can sing both English and Mandarin
With a quality of mercy to our tender strains
Twice blest with bounty, and blessedness

The throne that is the love of finding itself
O mistress mine, it’s too soon to call this
The season of justice, but by earthly powers
This is a mighty summer of blooming and crowning
Upon the place that is my heart, I take you
And hold you close and call you ‘princess’

And attribute our love a bit to ‘good karma’
Yours, perhaps not particularly mine.