The Koh Effect

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The Koh Effect

Do you think we reach a point
When and where our fantasy
Becomes obscene, absurd, unfathomable?

Where our dream is so private
Distorted, beautifully unusual
Sharing it, would destroy
It’s authenticity, like a novel
Ahead of its time

Or a theme of literature
That has hereto unknown quantities
A verve of uniqueness

That tranquilizers that doubters
Because they cannot comprehend
A word of what we wrote?
Luckily I do not have to worry
About critics or even peers

I write in a place of pure celebration
Where between the you and the me
I call it mu, for short, a distance to relate

By the midnight of my time and your time
In a shared time of our secret
Anthology, can you hear it?
99 percent pure identity
A narrative of the colonization

Of a new wave of lyricism
Startling up as you walk for starts
Through my door, I am light
A strange nemesis, the curtain-call
The weird dream of ease before sleep.

Cup of Sachitananda


The cosmos has hid
divine herbs in our dreams
and one day upon
the west river we

shall all awake
to see truth, to live
in the light, and

in those blue flames
of the dawn, hope
will no longer be necessary

and faith will seem immature
for supramental identity
will be self-evident

alone, spring’s floods will
drip the bliss of worlds
and the grace will overwhelm
any circumstance of fate
by the ocean of poetry

in the forests of prophecy
on the beaches of mysticism
the Tao will reveal herself

to our mind like a sponge
of all the secrets of the
universe and synchronicity

spellbound for consciousness
as a boat drifts to the sun
creation and the great observer

will meet, and we will forever
be left speechless with the awe
of laughter empty of anxiety
and understanding mingling

with a pure love for all things.

The Akashic Servant


My Brain is a network among the stars
In quantum curiosity, I am connected
Like a psychic network to all

I do not require intelligence
Only excessive sensitivity to sentience
A trance-state of the syllable of sound

Lyrics of all churches, all beings
My Brain is a channeled unity
The Lightning of the Cosmos playeth here

Like a chariot, or a vest, or a simulation
My Brain are neurons of serendipity
I am scaffolded, primed, pruned, trained

Transported by fate to divine service
My Brain is a network of illuminations
Grown soulful, with homesick eyes

Alive with the white sustenance of youth
And attachment to eternal themes
My Brain is intrinsic with possibility

A neuro-plasticity of the highest art
Of visitors, and occupations, and music
With narrow hands, to gather Paradise –