Spring Yellow Fever

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Spring Yellow Fever

Your jet black hair is like youth
To me, like the kind of face that
Ages gracefully, with slanted love
I am a hospitality of surprise to your
Foreign accent, Mandarin tipped muse

I go clean through your skin like
Diamond hunting on the edge
Silence is a dress we wear
Clothing I take off of you, we are

Figurate and literally naked to each other
Like the time it took to let you into my heart
So we go to bed lightly with
The world on our side and a lover
With the most spiritual eyes

And what we do to each other there
Is not important, all moments pass
Like an Orgasm from God or
The little beginings of metamporphosis

We all come into this world naked
And sometimes, the body of our kiss
Grows cold and wise, like aging together.

Spring Fever

All her flesh is like a mouth
A caress of summer, nude skin
A flash of promise in quick moving bodies

A skirt in the wind, it’s all I can see
All her heart is like a living waist
Hips and buttocks that rock, left to right

Right to left, my life in a nutshell
The hopelessly tangled instincts
All her smiles are the most vibrant joys!

I own nothing in her trembling gaze
I am consumed by private obsession
When the bride of her sweetness is close

All her flesh is like a mouth
With lips that other strangers will travel
With breasts that flower like the buds
Roots of art where my passion will die.