Homage to Repressed Poetic Virgins


I wanted to affirm life
In a poem, set life in silent offering
A hundred times, pushing the boat
Into beauty, across the water
Dawn, a crayon summer living
On the edge of literature
And love, these comforting moons

I wanted to begin again in wayside streams
Shout out the alphabets of my
Flaming salute of joy, smile
As if I had waited an entire lifetime
To truly know how to smile
Darling, you gave me the yearning stillness
That allowed me to write again

And I was more of a poet, than a dreamer
Because of you, I wanted to optimize
The way I experience the little things
In a forbidden dance in a never-ending night
Where every day was another
Hour of my life, the extraordinary discovery
Of myself in others, loveliness spelled

Out in infinite variety, in caresses
That penciled the soft outlines of the Earth
I wanted to affirm life
Once and for all, in your hips
Your womb the star-foam of all
I had ever wanted, the swaying plentitude
Of the ripe trance of writing and loving

They were like breathing to my tragic poetic side
I wanted to give life to the repressed virgins
And read them their own poetry
Of femininity, while licking the quatrains
Off of their daring free-verse
It was to be a festive summer
Love would soon blot out

The adventure that I had planned
I wanted to affirm writing an empty verse
From all the lessons I never learned
How fleeting was the poetry
Of my brief life, a few pleasurable summers.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Desire-374379673

Conference of the Beloved


Out of infinity, I have built
Petals of love, it’s boldness
To shower you with them
My blood sings of tiger-shadows
Pulsing with your caramel-tongue kisses
Very merciful are these nights
* * *
Of kissing with certainty
Like a refuge at the heart of life
Out of eternity, I have built
Petals of love, it’s my eyes that instigate
The fish-swimming-up-river dance
Of my spine inching through you
* * *
I’ve taken no vow, but I belong to you now
The sun of my days empties itself
In your water, by your spirit
The sand is marble and the path is diamond
Out of obscurity, I have found you
Petals of love, it’s green-hearing
* * *
To listen to your mandarin tutoring
You tutor me in so many ways
That I have become reckless in my loving
With cries of fields of your womanhood!
There are birds at daybreak from your bed
Sometimes they wake me, last night I slept deeply
* * *
My poems are like your photographs
I try to remember each detail
Out of unity, I have built
Petals of love, are the childhish hearts of our laughter
We laugh in unison, like nature and star-light
I rejoice to shower petals on you
* * *
How many kisses can I spill
Under the crazy clap of your dizzy wings?
Into a tapestry of our Athenian holiday
The white garlands of Fujian you carried
Taiwan, where plains and mountain people unite
Out of surrender, I have built
* * *
Petals of love, with an affable stranger
Foreigner, who take to bed philosophies
How the sun explodes lion-colored
In our hearts like virgins and gods
Once and for all, relinquishing control, abandoning fear
Out of the nest of time, I have built
* * *
Petals of love, with kisses of delphic joys
Like living a prophecy of pomegranate thirst
I am living the verse of your revelations
Out of convergence, I attain liberation
In golden eye-contact, in dimensions of eyes
A pinch of lime, Soya-sauce and Dijon mustard
* * *
Stains our lips, on the stolen watch of May buds
I nightly nibble at your servitude, and rest
A mystic color of my heart at rest in you
I enter you with a lover’s crooked eloquence
To find you have consumed the strangest honey
You show me the nine-steps to healthy chi
* * *
Out of time, I have been summoned by a Beloved
To the fragrance of sky-skin, ribs of ruby
Your touch my face with half-shut awakening
A ginger-fire dream of unremembered dream-symbols
I suck the buds of your May-body blossoms
Leaning all my available light across your core
* * *
The sunlight begins to dry on your glowing mornings
You come to me with whispers of Yizhou
Ancient providence joins me in your gaze
Aboriginal, Japanese, Mainland, Spanish, Polynesian-Philippino, Dutch
Out of infinity, I have built these arms for you
This simple love to adorn you with touches
* * *
Petals of love, at the conference of the Beloved
How badly I wish to be part of your Team
That every now and again, I am too amazed to speak
Or share the golden onions of your creations
With a dozen different Japanese sauces.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/The-floating-dress-373548059

Taiwanese Summer, Part IV

When I indulge, it is an unspeakable pleasure
A delight claims all my thoughts and acts
That I become pregnant with curtains and bed-sheets
Your gleaming smile in the night
When I come to you, my lips pressed
To lotus-channels of desire
Beneath the dignity of your caress

I grew to resemble your wisdom
Your strength and purity I took into me
When we indulge, it is an unspeakable rejoicing
I have not the words to translate into Mandarin
Not the four-charter ‘wise’ sentences
Through songs of wings, chorus of footsteps

I would listen to the morning, and remember you
I would hope for the night, to see you again
When intimacy is a quest for forgiveness
Of all previous hardships, alas, I resign myself
To joys transfixed in pleasurable habits
To a new life of yearning and sweetness

The moon will glow like a white sleep
And our bodies will explore those lands hand-in-hand
You are the host in the paradise of heart
The spring wind that climbs over a dozen hills
Under the pillow of wild flowers, I see you with tulips
And imagine photographs of us over the course of years
A summons to the silent tongue of diviner years.

Taiwanese Summer, Part III

I am waiting for a train
In the land of poetry and devotion
You left me here, traversing
The comfort of your past, your body
Your artful thumping heart
A fresh and vivid scenery once again
Assaults my senses, making me alive
Elongating my faith in nature
Like a strip of melons, ripe beans
Food of beauty, in the land of marriage
There were times when, I never believed
I would be a passenger in beauty
You say you only read classical poems
With the classics open on my lap
I want the purity of sky looks shattered
The traffic jam of trees, music, salt
I want the forest’s growing reliability
That only dies as part of her growth
I am waiting for a train
In the land of poetry and devotion
You who look more radiant than ever
A same dream with a plum flower
The pink hope of being reborn again
A total eclipse of the Moon and the Heart
At the dock of the riverbank, I smile
At how our eyes sparkle just to say goodbye.

Ode to a Taiwanese Summer


Finally standing before you
I won’t confer titles or drop labels
But I know, you bestow grace
In little incidents, that service
Is blinking in my chest
As for me, a simple man
That wants a love to last a lifetime
I want to pass down the years
With one capital heart of love
Finally standing before you
Since you turned up unexpectedly
I had been preparing a path for you
When began one sunny day
We hadn’t yet found a common vocabulary
But you dreamt of me last night
Preparing me for monogamy
And the endless summer quickly came to us
Finally standing before you
You are a hidden orchid in my rib-cage
A thick concealed rose on a high hill
A floating fragrance of your beautiful subtle song
Light knots in nights without you.

Photography Credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/The-Wild-Rose-Fairy-373240628