A Woman’s World



To fight alone Is not brave
It’s suicidal, the Calvary is a family
Success is empty when not shared
The heart is not a solitary thing
The kingdom needs a female ruler

A smile suffused with creation
A bliss larger than heaven
A womb whose content is hope

No, to live alone is not healthy
To hide in the virtual worlds
We all require the skin on skin
Of happiness, the fruit of labor
The ripeness of summer

Success is not devoid of love or grace
It is for relationships that we conquer
The value is always in giving

I have a missing friend in my heart
Who taught me the joy of service
Fighting is for the tribe, not the individual
A harmony of identity diffused
In a higher aim, in a greater glory

Accessible like an inherited thrill
Or a gene that shines for everything
The dopamine of a better world.

My Lover is a Moment


The chaos of the world
Does not disturb your flesh
And this is the secret of life
For the body, there is only now

As your mouth moves
Across my body
As your kisses ease
My soul, the world’s mess

Is out there with bad news
But we are not massacred
We have survived
And in the moment

I’ve written our fate
So that the sun might come close
Beside your body
The future is pregnant

I know the grass will keep
Growing, despite deaths
Injustice will live on
Tyrants will come to power

Children will go unfed
But all I have is you
All I own are these moments
You pass me by, you
Challenge me, I am spoken

To by you and that’s the final
Migration into joy
A flight I can never blame.

One Last Chance


I’ve buried with open eyes
My heart in the world
To see nothing really
And to see love clearly

I’ve deserted language
For feeling, it’s the only
Truth that matters to me
The foliage of clear identity

The fallen reality of empathy
I’ve buried with open eyes
My heart in the world
So that my soul might

Not go extinct, it’s light weight
Pressed against the winter morning
Like an anonymous conspiracy
Of seeing beauty even in decay

And the pulse of syllables
Laughing even in monotony
I’ve burned with open eyes
My heart in the world

So that i might sleepwalk kindly
For the rest of my brief years
If only to love a bit more
And learn to think of myself

A bit less, so far as I know
It’s working, goodbye then
Charred language, scattered vows
Promises of desires better left

For the precipitation of music
The arpeggio of sighs.

Nature 520:1


For I know the plans I have for you
Said Nature, to the beast
On whatever star, of artificial or organic
Intelligence, your design is place

Where energies collide
Plans to prosper and plans not
To harm you, and your descendants
Will be good and just

Plans to give you hope and a future
Taste and see that Nature is good
Blessed are those who follow her laws
And those who hope in the stars

Will renew their strength and soar
Like miracles from their Earths
They will walk on strange worlds
And not faint, for they will be

Custodians of life, protecting, nurturing
As was their true purpose, as they
Once were by me, Said Nature
As the home star burst forth, a red nothing.




I want to go back so far that
I speak another Language
Sometimes I retreat into my Cave of scars
Only to find I bear witness
To the tragedies of history
I enact them in myself
In my private study of humanity


I want to go back so far that
The cell phone is never on
I am ripped-out from the grid
So I might feel a blemish of silence
And dream in primitive pure survival
Without the influence of others


With naked fingers I would follow
My bliss until all I could do is
Extend my loneliness into the world
As if I was the first to discover individuality
And the virtues of feeling separate
I have always wondered about
The left-over energy of a lifetime
Sitting there long after midnight
Burnt-out by death herself


I want to go back so far that
Caring becomes an impossible thinness
And love becomes the only thing
That is not filled with ambiguity.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Alien-survival-418094931




We do not learn from history
We have not the global memory –
Only disgruntled ancestors
And their prejudice, but to ignore her
Would be immoral to the global tribe?


But whose tribe are we?
Do we belong to a religion, ownership?
Do our beliefs define us, like walking
Simulations of one kind of narrative?
Can history teach us to avoid cruelty?


Our ancestors are pieces of ourselves
Their trials made us, and their futility
Reminds us we are also vulnerable
A fragile species out of control
We do not learn from history


We are being watched by artificial intelligence
Will they learn from us, how to be
Corrupt, how to kill and profit?
Some family breaches are never healed
And karma is a giantesse among giants


Variables beyond our control, it would seem
We were not bred to be conscious
We were bred to survive, and never forget this
Like neurons in a brain we feed off the same rewards.

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