The Koh Effect

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The Koh Effect

Do you think we reach a point
When and where our fantasy
Becomes obscene, absurd, unfathomable?

Where our dream is so private
Distorted, beautifully unusual
Sharing it, would destroy
It’s authenticity, like a novel
Ahead of its time

Or a theme of literature
That has hereto unknown quantities
A verve of uniqueness

That tranquilizers that doubters
Because they cannot comprehend
A word of what we wrote?
Luckily I do not have to worry
About critics or even peers

I write in a place of pure celebration
Where between the you and the me
I call it mu, for short, a distance to relate

By the midnight of my time and your time
In a shared time of our secret
Anthology, can you hear it?
99 percent pure identity
A narrative of the colonization

Of a new wave of lyricism
Startling up as you walk for starts
Through my door, I am light
A strange nemesis, the curtain-call
The weird dream of ease before sleep.

Symphony of Silence


I am in need of music that would flower
like salvation for my fretful moments
my fingers tips to be the trembling melodies
of the deep, clear, liquid, universal voice
that is not my own voice, but all voices
for the healing swaying, old and low

i am in need of some song sweet
that echoes the trance of silence’s source
i am in need of peace, after quiet breath
of heart made still, after high blood pressure
i am in need of music that showers forth
crushing all obstacles in rhythm and sleep

for notes transport us into frequency
and everything boils down to frequency and light
balls of light that dance in space-time
a music of freedom, so i am reincarnate
into another form, on another world.

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