To Ancestors #blogencore #poetmuse

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To Ancestors

I’ve taken the time to tattoo
A gun that is a pen on my arm
In remembering from where I come from
I find the inner voice again

I summon it from my belly
From my back that aches
With the years of long hours alone
Yes I have been alone, writing

Where have you been?
I travel the circuit and speak my mind
My ears and throat are sore
From the suitcase of free books

I have accumulated without error
I’m doing all that I am supposed to do
This is, the love of my life
Every word, word count, line, line count

Are the symbols I was created to write
I can feel the fieriness of fate
In my throat, hot like a tiger
When I speak, maybe you hear it too

Maybe one of my ancestors
Was a jester at a royal court
And I take after him
Maybe one of my grandmothers had a grandmother

Who was a prophet, and I take after her
Hot blooded I am here
Priestess, shaman, princess, scribe
My hands, they have silver endurance.




I got a tattoo from God, it’s invisible
But glows when I’m in need
You can’t see it, it’s inexplicable

A design of everywhere, intelligent design
Of whom I was created to become
After all, I was put on this Earth
And I went along with it, quite gladly

Without a plan, but I believe I was
Evolved & that my genes are a culmination
Of how I love the rain, or, why poetry

Speaks in my ears, though I don’t appreciate
Music or paintings or graphic design
I’ve always wanted to write a poem
That felt like a Tattoo from God

Though I’m sceptical of the Bible
And religious texts that people quote
I’d prefer something more abstract

Or beautifully living, like a Sufi ideal of service
Or how the Tao encompasses mystery
I got a tattoo from Evolution, but that’s another story.