Alchemy of the Blessed

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Alchemy of the Blessed

Eun Ji, sometimes in secret I think of you
And I bless you as the night is your abode
We writers must be part omniscience
Part prophet, for we imagine what

Is possible and must translate divinity
It’s our duty to take a piece of the universe
And place it as a hidden gift in the mind
We are alchemists then, with an eternal glow!

O God, how blest we are forever in this magic
That I could endure any external hardship
With a touch of the familiar weaving of poetry
In my psyche, I am the night, and judgement

Disappears and mercy is for every dawn
The dusty stuff of past years is no more
Only light settled in my brain when I am alone
And I write for the love of the dearest way

For we are all seekers somehow in our sport
And waiting to find the right vocabulary
That best expresses our original spirit’s incarnation.

Another Elegant Poet’s Rite


I heard you became a poet
After many miracles
Of the power of words
You decided to take on

A magical identity
a mythical persona of renown
to pause at the door of art
Before stepping through

I heard you became a poet
After finding ancient sanctuary
With many old books
It was a transfigured community

Of self-teaching the way
To universal truth, where
A few pagans found in nature
All that was needed for songs

It may be placebo, but the idols
We create last a lifetime.

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