My hands
Serenade your cheeks with a lifetime
Of devotion that never wavered
Saving each other, we were touched
Immortally, like souls the same
Frequency, my hands
Opening the curtains of your secrecy
Like butter, to cloud your nudity with
Cooling rain, your lips with
The kisses that we invent to sanction
Our years together, which drip
With the water of our mortality
Our bodies are spiritual vessels
There is no doubt, our faith
Invested marriage for working together
Each hour we spent on each other
Came back in ways we couldn’t even imagine.

In the Earth’s Glory

I’ve bathed in invitations of uncertainty
I’ve wept some lonely history, in my time –
Ached for, my turn to come

For marriage, happiness, friendship
It was very hard to learn
To be patient, to not want too much –

I’m standing here before you
I do not know what I bring
Or if you can hear music

In my secret heart, it comes echoing
There were contagious smiles
Laughter traded between us

You said you liked to see a man
Come undone in bed, face to face

With your ever actively creative libido
I turned with the lips of the biggest happiness
To bathe in your eager-sweet hospitality.