The Womb of Everything

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Eun Ji, life on the planet is born a woman
I’m not ignorant to the fact
In their wombs the magic is held
In their bosom sweet like fresh gossip
And the roots of familiar chimes

The moment of change is like a woman
Changing fairly well I assume!
Adapting and socially connecting
Though a thinking woman sleeps with monsters
We false name the beast we loved

In order to call him a Man we admired
It’s exhilarating to be alive near a good woman
You feel in her the idea that
The planet is awakening though
I sometimes wonder what a mother’s battles are for

Her child with sickness, poverty, lack of education
Waged in love and with the passion
For survival, how many women must be sacrificed?
And art whose honesty must labor through artifice
That cannot change the place of a woman

In such a barbaric society, as this?
Let them rule the world, I’d say
If they had the time, birth rates are declining
So what’s with the glass ceilings, friends
It’s their bodies, it’s the destinies of women

That have to change, to change the world
The world won’t change without them
False histories are made up of
The power, money, politics & war games of men.

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A Short Story of Her


How much of me, she left untouched
How little of my soul
She cared to sincerely know
Simply to merge alive again –

Her peculiar friendship was short
To love me not, in a short story
To touch me, and send me on my way
Her binding arms let me go

And now I must piece the little puzzle
Here I am naked to her memories
How little we truly meet the world
Knowing creature of our void

I attended my studies, in femininity
While eating at her house, pussy & wine
How much of me, she left untouched
My spiritual qualities unknown

Indifferent are the beasts, with their casual ways
Mothers must attend to their bank accounts.