Poetry Books

This is a list of the poetry books of my friends, if you would like yours linked here, send me a message and I’ll link it:

1. TITLE: “Divided by Seven Billion”
by Balkaran Singh Sidhu

Style: Romantic Transpersonal




Balkaran Singh Sidhu likes to portray the constant inner struggle of a transpersonal being. He often finds himself in the same battle of which he speaks of. Through free verse poetry, which he regards as a personal ritual, he seeks out a spiritual harmony between the body and the soul. Sidhu was born in Punjab and grew up in a little village where he acquired the perennial values of Punjabi culture. He dwells within his metaphors but was spotted in Delhi while he published his first self-anthology.

Blog: http://balkaransidhu.wordpress.com/author/bsbalkaransingh/page/2/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BalkaranSidhu07


Balkaran is one of India’s brightest new gen poets. He combines a basis in Romanticism with the transpersonal quest which India has always been a world leader. His power of cadence has greatly matured in the period between 2010-2014, and his best work have recently been collected in his first E-book. His focus on beauty, exquisite vocabulary and a spiritual honesty makes his poems integral and fulfilling in way that is missing in most Western poets. His many poems of heartbreak and human loss, underpins his ability to expose the vulnerability of the human condition and all life as a divine canvas of experience.

His poems transcend Romanticism into the Existential realm, and approach quantum transpersonal realities.

2. TITLE: “Undertone Day and Night”
By: Shirlene Rudder

Style: Freestyle Jazz

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Undertone-Day-Night-Shirlena-Rudder/dp/1499778457/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1404276118&sr=1-1&keywords=undertone+day+and+night


From childhood Shirlene has had a writer’s itch but decided to take it up seriously more than 10 years ago. Since then she has written a number of books, written lyrics for CD’s and been cataloged on several online radio shows featuring her spoken word. Her poetry is earthy and jazz filled and while owning an air of vulnerability exudes a quiet power and strength. She enjoys writing but to poetry she is prisoner and to spirituality she strives a smiling servant.

Blog: http://proseforlene.wordpress.com/
Writer’s Cafe: http://www.writerscafe.org/Shirlena


Shirlena Rudder’s jazz-poems smile with intonations of spoken-word and the new school of brave feminism. Her lyrical virtuosity can dazzle you with clever authenticity that you didn’t believe was possible, till you read her.

Her fresh incantations liberate the reader with eye-popping sustenance and social critique that amounts to a symphony of poetic rapture of a very high order.

She is currently the premier talent of the writer’s haven known as writerscafe.org, and recently she has found another of her many voices.

Her talent for varied and surprising language is ethereal and she reaches the reader on many levels simultaneously. Her poems are creative sculptures of a fertile and playful but intense soul. Her groovy poems are not ordinary, they are racy juxtaposed pieces of art.

I have read thousands of poets over the last ten years, and she ranks among the top ten of my favorites. I highly recommend anything created by her pen and have full trust in her emergence as a poet of depth and beauty. She captivates me with her originality, frankness and striving for unconventional rhythms in a tapestry of poetic invocation.

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