Drying the Tears of Liberation

Triketora, how many pins and tweets
Before the Goddess, delivers fire
Unto men, the smug white man
Little things their God had forgot
Glory is not for all, the riches are for the few
“Alleluia! Alleluia!” Where did
Equality go, in this world where
One quarter of Millennials will
Not be married and the coming automation
Will mean less jobs, less opportunity

Triketora, my heart is broken for
Those fired from Yelp, the victims of the Medium
I read their stories every day
I listen for voices of the minority
I read for their script of authenticity
But we are all stepping-stones to dust
Where I look to India for tech disruption
Where there are no holy ghosts to hold the future down
That’s Durga with a smile, Trike
That’s California falls into the Sea
When the little women rebel, the coders
Breaking the lie that we were told.

8 thoughts on “Drying the Tears of Liberation

  1. Great to read your work Wuji. I saw another post of yours where you are on another medium. How’s that working out? I’m contemplating leaving wordpress. I still like having a place to put my poetry but I’m tired of blogging. Great post by the way.

    • Hey Dara, I like Medium, it’s anonymous enough and you can highlight the writing of others which I really enjoy. It’s not especially social as of yet, but it would be pretty neat if some of us had writing there. WordPress is just too lonely and isolated sometimes.

      • Maybe I’ll check that out. I don’t like wordpress so much and it is isolated. I’m kinda tired of the know it all folks out there. I just want to write poems and share on occasion.

      • It does look clean. I like that. I think it’s what I need and am looking for as a poet. Thanks.

      • That is a neat service called Rabbut, that lets your readers get Emails of your articles when they sign in to their Email you may want to try out 🙂

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