Lament of Individual Freedom


Love walked alone
With a companion of the Self
That wore a heart of pain
In a name, a vacant horizon

Without a descendant line
Love walked alone
Accosted by harsh individualism
Autonomy became an exaggeration

Of running strong without limitation
Love walked alone
With no common goods
Of things to trade from the heart

Life became an anonymous journey
With a lonely middle without reward.

6 thoughts on “Lament of Individual Freedom

    • Yes city life as it stands now to me is too far to the yang extreme of individualism and it’s not sustainable for happiness. Via evolution we are primed to find happiness in the tribe, which we no longer have access to unless we are lucky.

  1. “Love walked alone” has such a great rhythm to it…it made me think actually of those who are together and still they feel so alone…eloquent and touching =)

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