Sugar is a Necessary Prey


Hourly the lamp headed-nymphs
Whisper to me through
The lily root of my subconscious

There is little shelter
From the flutes of language
Fish-mouthed mantras of poetry

They flame in me frog-hoped
The reebit of time’s fugitive
Unfaithfulness to the way

Colors die, gasoline spilt into water
Above me the acid rain tarnishes
The old-grandmother umbrella of summer

I am a puppet master orator
Nodding to the clouds like a sleeping statue
That moves, but nobody can see

Hourly I play witness to the follies
Of humanity, they wing their own myths
Blanketing self-prophecies like

An advertisement of drowsy indifference
I cannot depart when I like, though
The money’s run out and my

Heart is broken, like a brutally recurring dream
Of endless suffering, with no way out
I’m ungifted, grieving for something

I can’t quite place, I’m out of fit
With the universe, sensing this
I try to escape the routine orchestra

The little kindness that I have known
Mirrors that tried to smile
I’m only left with blood jets of poetry

Desperate drunken butterflies lost
In a page of Japanese bark-silks
Chocolate to fuel the last sweetness.

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