Exile to Bhakti

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Exile to Bhakti

I am mad with love
And the ages will not understand
Why I forsake a normal life
For God, for art, for devotion

And no one will understand
My plight, but maybe Sufis
Those that listen for the Tao
Only the wounded

Can understand the agonies of the wounded
Only the downtrodden
Can feel the fire of the rage
Of the impoverished

The Angels knew this
And that is why I am ever
I am made with love
Not for a person, but people

Not for one people, for all life
Not for a God, a symbol or a saint
But for in the possession
Of love that is a lack

But in the recognition of it
I found love habituated
Every part of the world
All the known planets

And found everything beautiful
And somehow nothing worthy of
Divine love, that is why
People know so little about the universe.

6 thoughts on “Exile to Bhakti

  1. “I am made for love, not for a person, but for people.” Profound, and in our society, underrated. We think of love as just something between two people in an erotic way. But love is something that isn’t extended to one person, but to all people. “Lord when did we ever see you hungry and give you food, or thirsty and give you drink? When did we see you naked and clothe you, or sick and imprisoned and visit you?” “Whenever you did these things for any of the least of my brothers, you did them for me.”

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