A Pilot from Uncommon Language

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Freedom in Obscurity

I never imagined I’d experience
The repetition of experience
As pure freedom
The inner grammar

Is the failure to criticize
I am walking rapidly
In the slow-motion

From death to dream
To birth again, to be a poet
Is to obey letters of water
Powers of lucidity

Discovered in surrender
I never imagined I’d experience
Freedom in self-limitation

In the simple twilight of
The same landscape
I found the underbelly of genius

Where I reached the lines

I was supposed to (have)
The drowsy nerve of soul
Where all pleading stops.

5 thoughts on “A Pilot from Uncommon Language

      • I love your work, Wuji … If Wuji is your name. 🙂

        I need to take some time to explore more of it. I am an amateur and new here. Started somewhere in December and at the same time having creating another blog where I created Ghost, Paranormal stories.

        I am a struggling writer. 🙂

      • We are all struggling writers, but doing what we love, what could be better than that? You’ve showered me with a lot of comments that I’ve truly enjoyed. Let’s go forward in this….

  1. I will return later and read more. I’m on my day one of my four 13 hours days of work. I will be back Tuesday night. Your site is amazing. I like the artwork and words a lot.

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