Dawns of Twilight


This twilight is clear and blue
This rose of Splendor is starry Gold
Arcturus brings back the Spring
As the chanting from the Eastern isles

The Earth has changed,
For me tonight, time sails us on
The hazy orange moon has
Too much to say, so instead

She gives in to night-scents
Wakened in the honeyed ecstasy
Of her supporting sense
The August Moonrise climbs

On the flushed heels of fate
Like dark petals transparently parting
The way to buds of the Morning Star
This dawn is pink and in a frenzy

Of life’s slow climb to spirit-gold
We’ve met all colors for a day
I require no more compensation
I am glad for loneliness with a heart

Made for gratitude, to tease these broken-wings
Perhaps I belong, to the
Unchanging ache of things
That love and wish to know, too much

This Noon is as a winter night on fire
And I am a thirsty body, a loving soul
With love to pretend for meager years
Driftwood of Ancestors, a jeweled blaze

For Descendants, who wish they knew
The memories of Earth, fields and shores
We are all living epitaphs of serene descent
Drunken with light and air, without knowing it.

Photo Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/River-v-2-434427648

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