My mind’s wall glows stars
The nightstand of my eternity
Is blushing a feverish pitch
For Cleaning, self and foreigners
And purity behind the doors

I no longer can eat meat
Said the pork to my nose
I awoke to a dream of a Cactus Garden
Where I could learn to abandon
The caution that had ruined my life

We are all prisons to our own light
I wanted to say I was different…
When I asked myself why, a
Pretending, unnoticeable, violent part
Of myself lit up like candy

Realizations like my father in his old age
Taught me how we could finish water
In the silence simply by watching
How life turns out, how unhappiness hinges
Upon the pain that becomes meaning

After this life, I fear I’ll never meet
This world again, the undecided singing
I write because I cannot yet sing well.


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