Hallelujah poetica


i have a rendezvous with rhyme
with only the lyrics of this orchestra
my cadence is only for rhythm
free-verse in its purest ingenuity

I ache for quarterly submissions
of my essential need to write
the autopilot poetica of my

last kaleidoscopic vision strange
a musical hopscotch of surrender
a mystical milking it of thirst

muse & fate here relaxes
for a final teasing and tasting
of the plump record of odes
and the promise of exhaustive cadence

that reaches humming pentameter
stares organic pink into utopia
requesting documentation from the stars

in how to be a poet, as legends burn
martyrs in their alien worlds
a last dynasty of awkward prayer-rituals.

16 thoughts on “Hallelujah poetica

  1. “Muse ampersand fate” oh my dear friend you used a symbol! You embedded! I wrote a poem awhile ago with all “fake” words, just using sound. Did you know you found a key to unlock one of the mysteries of writing? Well—you did!

  2. i have a rendezvous with rhyme” drew me in, and then I read on and I was lost in trance – your choice of words and how you put the together – your topics and expression – in every way that you write … in its totality, is truly one of the most beautiful I have come across thus far on WP. ❤ Much love to you Wuji, you bring beauty in all shapes, sizes, colors, thoughts, dreams and more .. to everyone who "reads" you.

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