I shut mine eyes and all the world drops dead
Though gold and silver they never die
Life goes on waltzing with stars yellow and red

Till the dreams run moon-struck
And creation whispers overhead
(I think I made you up inside my head)

Where the oceans rise and forests burn
And planets are corrupted for a few centuries
By Man the destroyer, cities of shame

Where nature hangs her head in civil disobedience
And machines calculate how to
Win back her trust, before it’s too late

I think evolution outperformed God
To make such an arrogant creature as Man.

7 thoughts on “MAN

  1. Wow😳 I feel as if we have a very similar take on the world. I hope you check out a post I did called Primus Part 4: Guardian of Rage. I think you’ll see a lot of yourself in the narative.

  2. I like your poem, I believe God created man. I think our challenge is not to fall into decay and entropy and instead rise and become the glory of God we were created for. We are called to be peacemakers, sometimes that means standing up and fighting injustice, sometimes it means pouring oil on troubled waters and otheres it means walking away, forgiving, letting go.

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