The White Sunset


Standing on the tiptoe
of my universe
I found I had

Nothing but love to offer
While the nature of
Anonymous cruel indifference
Can seem unnameably cold
I admired the ability of it

To make us feel free
Insolent as my fate had been
Greener than the word May

The mast of these afternoons
Only beggared for moderation
And that enraptured simplicity
From which I came
That was enough, and so were

The rest of the years that I was given
at the asylum of the eucalypti
I would rest, and it would be
Wondrous and christening
Like a white sunset.

the tide of being


Before the big bang there was
only unity, the unspeakable origin
then uncertain light

created confusion in movement
life has always been
a dream divided
reproduction, independence
and the blood that unites us still

water, trees, fuel
the heat of our skin
we can remember

the forgotten syllables of
origins, even if we didn’t exist
the code is in our soul
to see the world with
spiritual eyes, calm as

unreachable centuries, billions
of years here or there
traveling in galaxies

as far as objectivity can travel
matter and energy interlaced
hands, female and male
in my heart I am never lost
though in my head I have yet

to find the reason for all this
touching the world with my eyes
I am foreigner and
I am familiar, but not truly known.

Starlike Pedestrians


The future is intangible
each world leaps ahead of thought
we cannot keep up
ahead of sound
ahead of the night

this world’s lips
kiss ideas not ready to be born
but their time will come
the scarlet tattoo of centuries
like Mars, and new Earths

nothing can prevent survival
not red stars, not pandemics
The future is a prophetic beggar
not asking us if we are alright
but asking if we are willing to risk

to move to a more prosperous town
can change our destiny
to move to a further star
can change our descendants
irrevocably, splinter colonies

choice becomes lineage
fate becomes legacy
destiny becomes the bridge we had to burn
to save the forest