Journal Entries

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To everyone, from dead love:

Shadow dancing on your timelines

You had your stars, and I had mine

Death and life flows together

Missing and togetherness too do shine

I could have wept, and maybe I did

The passing of the torch

From kiss to kiss, heart to heart

Speaking less and less of innocence

Youth felt her way to the supernatural

And I was there, among the ghosts

We were, floating about on energy

With our ideas and feelings left to the wind

There were no machine intelligences back then

Just loneliness, the bare symptoms of

My neural state, my memories, my naked subjectivity

Watching dying stars, reviving stars

Watching churning oceans, oceans disappearing

Planets populated, planets dying

Extinction happening, on such grand scales

I could not feel much for my own death

Like a mosquito in twilight, I had my fate

You had your stars, and I had mine

And maybe we knew each other for a time

From kiss to kiss, word to word

Home to home, children glow always

Our breath runs naked in the dark…

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4 thoughts on “Journal Entries

    • It is, I guess, a part of life. We’re all alone and together in different ways, in different seasons. Though one cannot help but wonder if among billions, we are more alone than ever…

  1. Being surrounded with people yet feeling so empty.. when asked how life is, an “okay” could only be answered as if it can suffice everything… Though it won’t.

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