An etude in misplaced desire

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To His Mistress the World Going to Bed

I have no license to touch
Your soul, if a soul had qualities to touch
No permission to enter your sanctuary
No heaven’s zone of glittery
I have no intimacy of the variety
That which my state could renew

No pass into the beauteous state
Of harmonious chime of feeling
I have no novelty in this condition
Of incessant repetition
Only hopes and sensations private
Like an imprisoned youth in an older body

It’s hollow here, beneath this flesh
This kingdom called my life, the sameness from
I have no insight into the women
Whom I admire, I used to have female friends
For they go on, like a lifetime of having children
Becoming full with roles

But for the men, they are wild in another way
Hair in their destiny, alone in their temple
Of peculiar tastes and defied responsibility
I have no license to touch these lives
Who are so full with duty, so unlike my own
We cannot truly coexist, only perhaps

Exchange a passing smile on our way
Until I labour, I in labour lie
A foe of women, a foe in sight
And I only have the power to observe
And it’s a hollow temple
Not to be able to touch the world more.

21 thoughts on “An etude in misplaced desire

  1. Expectation, assumption, role play, acting, labels, this world/ society chucks them all at us…take your pic. A famous Shakespeare quote comes to mind the gist of it being…the world’s a stage and we are mere players on it. We each have our season, our entrances and exits…ah, that question again, What is the meaning of life? Cast all those roles aside…I have had plenty, and now…time to simplify and reconnect! Beautiful poem, thank you.

      • Wuji….it means evil begets evil….you see my world was shattered I thought my secrets will die with me. I’m a very honest person to get away from my mistakes is to tell the world of my crimes what a bitter punishment right? To express what’s inside my heart I’m a very private person so doing this is definitely hard to do but I have to be honest once it’s out in the open ther’s no way to turn around but move forward. If it’s a game will it lead to good or for the worst nobody knows right? the truth I was apalled by the lies deceit and betrayals here so why not conquer it with my truth. Isn’tit earth shattering? I have dismemberment of thoughts and the truth i will sought nothing will ever come to nought if i was wronged everyone must pray the price God is on my side.Is it for love or money? that’s the question and you have the right answer while I dwindled in the limbo called naivette and oblivion.

      • It sounds like you met the wrong person or had some trauma, I’m sorry to hear that Franzy, but hopefully you’ve found peace with those experiences…

      • everything comes together for good in the end the truth will come out. You know when everything was hidden from me and cancelled from view brought by the system . you know how it is when your isolated by the system like you have some kind of a disease because I’m different.

      • Still , I believe in love it is the sum through all of this love conquers all and I’ll show you what love really is it’s a learning worthwhile experience. Well, i am not vexed or stressed anymore I’m totally energized and loving every minute of this game ….it’s exhilarating, thought provoking and my blood is circulating through my system in frenzy delight.

  2. I love your reference to John Dunne. I was going to write a poem that references ‘To His Mistress Going to Bed’ as well. I may have to rework my ideas now 😛

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