Survey: What type of poetry topics do you write about?


Hey Everyone,

I’m curious, what poem topics or styles do you most like to write? Please take the following survey and make your pick and we’ll post the results a bit later:


32 thoughts on “Survey: What type of poetry topics do you write about?

    • I carefully chosen these guys, and minus Shakespeare, Milton and Dante quite on purpose. Gods know a lot of mystics didn’t make the cut.

  1. I write a lot about equality, universalism, and hope. At times, my followers go up and down due to my controversial views on different subjects. It is why my blog is called controversialrebelwritersheart after all. I do often write of hope, and even light when the mood strikes me.

    • A lot of poets seem to think their work is beyond definition and categorization, yet one look at their work is enough to see the tone of their entire body of work. I suppose it’s because our brains are tuned to particulars.

      • Thanks I can see where you’re coming from now. Maybe it is about perspective as you indicate; though rather than specify subjects I wonder if it is more accurate to think of poetry as a dialectic? This may be why some poets do seem to have pet loves and hates; but the subject matter is not as insightful as the journey each poet takes. I think that poetry is vocational, it is something we have to do, and (pretentious as it may seem) we should get stuck into life and try to be open to other people and experience, as it seems that this helps us develop insight and compassion. To come back to what we write about, and the fact that some poets concentrate on nature or erotic experience or whatever.. poetry has to communicate a thing ie something made real in some way; and also unifies what at first seems irreconcilable. Have you read G Bataille’s Eroticism? I think it would blow you away.

      • I will check out it out, I’ve yet to find a poet who does Eroticism well I think owing to how difficult a subject it is to tackle. I think as an intimate and intrinsic dialect of self, poetry is indeed difficult to pin down and escapes definition in a lot of sense. It’s few poets that can truly write about a lot of different things I have found.

      • Yes exactly, I sometimes have a rule of thumb that people have about 3-5 “pet” subjects or chief passions that seem to govern the majority of their intellectual resources…mine might be poetry, astrology, futurism, sports and technology.

      • However 🙂 does love and relationships truly qualify? I think we are all hard-wired to be at least a bit obsessed with those topics by evolution. If we counted those, surely we’d spend endless hours of our existence ruminating about things like love, money, alienation and the meaning of our lives. But can those be called true intellectual interests?

      • Well, aren’t philosophy, psychology, the humanities intellectual interests? I have been thinking about imagination and how it helps us predict our world but also how it allows us to expand and enrich our perception, (this is very simplistic, but it’s a springboard :)).. and how it may well be that consciousness and reality are interwoven. Alienation, our connections to one another, meaning and why it is meaningful beyond material survival (and extinction) are all facets of these preoccupations can be expressed in High or Low cultural forms, can’t they? Is a song a poem? A football chant? A rap? More than a sonnet? We find the tools we need, we are driven to articulate our experience; sometimes it is a divisive activity and always political; because we are social agents, whether we are conscious of this or not – We don’t exist in a cultural vacuum. Sorry if I am going way off topic.. but thank you for the chance to think about things, by talking. And this endless rumination is part of the process isn’t it? 🙂

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