Compassion crowns a soul 

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Compassion crowns a soul

When I dare to love I am unstoppable
As a rainbow with gold at both ends
My heart is brave and my care
Is resplendent with a constant hush of I-love-you-s

My bones and lungs were meant to love
To touch and show affection
Oxytocin is savy with me under her hands
What a lover’s heart knows

Then let no man’s brain dispute
That some were made to love, as other
Might have been created to work
We labor in the unification

The dance of opposite mirrors
Reflecting their shared truth, that’s life
To me, with years of commitment under my belt
I can say that love loves me too

If nothing lasts forever, I am
The love of forever incarnate
The slow champion of the soul’s privilege
And a hero that never stops dreaming

Hearts rebuilt from hope always resurrect
The better side of goodness and humanity.