On Waiting for Love

Surfing with The Alien

You are so beautiful, like karmic prophecies
I hold you for the first and last time
With the remembrance of white loneliness

The eternity of jasmine of waiting
I waited for you my laughing Mandarin Queen
I lathed your body with soap

Out of the earth the sweet roughness
Of womb and smile and mother-qualities
The sacred touch of the helping hand

You are so beautiful, like I wish to always see again
To stir the night with our golden sceptre
Out of the love of hope, the weight of kingdom and tiredness

The last relief of a life well done
Where we can continue walking
After the bonfire of burned letters, misguided spouses

Who never experienced what we did so easily –
You are so beautiful, like honeyed-butter skin
Like a Taiwanese fruit so rare, you give rest to my eyes
And nobility to my “face level” heart.

Photography Courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Surfing-with-The-Alien-390729533

6 thoughts on “On Waiting for Love

  1. Wow! Sometimes, poems like these are all I have to get lost into and remind myself of the beautiful possibilities of love. The fact that not enough poems can fully exhaust it fuels my mind and heart with words for eternity.
    Keep them coming!

  2. Hi.
    I just nominated you for 2 blogger awards but lack the necessary computer skills to link that post to your blog. However, if you view the post, you can see the awards and then if you decide to accept them, please follow the guidelines.

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