Some are no more, others are distant

My life has become
A poem without a hero
As if, I am not the center of my life

I’ve observed the translation
Of experience to verse
Like somebody who doesn’t
Truly care where they may end up
My life has arrived quickly
At the end without an Epilogue

I become a secret chorus
Of my own mental instability
Without justification to survive
Or opportunity to love
I hear their voices and I remember

Solace, is my spoon of golden-milk
My life can become
A poem with other beloved characters
As if, I was living my life for others all along.

6 thoughts on “Some are no more, others are distant

  1. I always feel it inappropriate to click the ‘like’ button when the piece is so sad but wish to show my appreciation of the poem and your ability to put your vulnerability on show with such faith. Kind regards, Baldy 🙂

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