Pathos of the Street Walker


Another year is gone
As a frog takes a plunge
The octopus’ fleeting dream
Wakes in the trap
Of the summer moon
I still wear poverty on my heart
Like a beggar for divine mysticism

Along this road of withered fields
My dreams wander sick of journey
I long for Taiwan, under the willow
Enhanced by the cicadas simmering song
The pervasive silence weighs on me
Another year is going smoothly
My choices have sowed a whole field

A lifetime of paddy-field where
The girls planted me until I did leave them
Dividing the clam shells between
Summer & Autumn, I stretch across
The Milky Way in Rice-planting song
Beneath trees that remind me I am homeless
My teary cry lost in the supreme trance

My deep autumn neighbor, how does he live?
When bamboo children must suffice
And starry alphabets hidden between the nets
A cypress hat my shrine of morning dew
Where my silver coins, are vision of the moon
Dancing on the sea, cliffs of pines that remind me
I am only chasing a light-hearted precipice?

Creating a charcoal festival of frost and lunar prayers
Another year is gone and I hunger
For the small thing of peace and the light of snowfalls.

Photography Credits: Calvin Wu, illustrator:

4 thoughts on “Pathos of the Street Walker

      • sorry to hear that, i’ll have a closer look later but my computer keeps bloody crashing (having a nighhtmare day!!!!!). I feel i am letting a few people down at present, not my usual observant self. I’ll get it together and be back 🙂

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