Portals of Consciousness


Only themeslves understand themselves
Only him and her, and him and her
And then some, not, wholly unknown
The mystery calms
The perfect understanding of souls

Not in visions pure
But in worldly experience
In poets to come, in mystic orators
Singers of the dawns, musicians of the heart

Only themselves understand themselves
What is she is she, and him is him
And then some, only in love
By grace ascended, athletic in unity

The mystery claims us all
The perfect understanding of souls
If only but to advance for a moment
Before decline, indicative that

The future is listening
In casual looks of children-minds
What are those of the known
But portals to enter the unknown
For him and her, and her and him
Them, us and prophetically all.

June 12th, 2013

Photography Courtesy: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/wisp-of-air-376623054

11 thoughts on “Portals of Consciousness

  1. i like the way you wrote it, but what i like most is the message of this poem. your use of simple words for a piece with depth, nothing but wonderful.

    it is indeed true, art tries to capture life to give people a grasp of what it is. art is there to help us humans and the generations to come in understanding life. art truly opens knowledge, but try to figure out what life is we get to know more of it yet we realize that there are more which we do not know and we try to seek for even greater answers. we try to understand… and we do. we try to know… and we do. yet we cannot really ‘fully’ understand and ‘fully’ know for we cannot grasp everything in it’s fullness, we only know what we have experienced.

    i am looking forward to more of your poems. 🙂

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